Backup As A Service (BAAS)

Backup as a Service (BAAS)

Backup, restore, transfer, and sync to the cloud!!

Demand for cloud backup is on the rise, thanks to growing acceptance of hosted solutions, the need for 24/7 access to applications and data, and renewed focus by IT on revenue-generating activities (and the resulting demand for managed backup)

Unbox Data Centers, Backup as a Service offers a vigorous assortment of onsite, offsite and hybrid cloud-based data protection solutions for clients that want to upkeep information resiliency across enterprise data assets. We help you elect and implement a solution based on your priorities for backup, retention and retrieval. Gain security-rich, virtually anywhere, anytime access to information in the protracted enterprise.

Unbox Backup and Transfer is a comprehensive and flexible cloud transfer solution that empowers each channel and gives customers total protection of their content.

Unbox Backup as a Service (BAAS) propositions:

Compact recovery period and costs

Your solution includes a dashboard for continual monitoring and prediction of RTOs and RPOs, using over 400 recovery automation patterns that lower costs from downtime and labor overages.

Enhanced, non-disruptive capabilities

System maintenance, non-peak time backups and continuously available data join with intelligently automated run-books and data assessment for efficient IT operations.

Tailored costs with streamlined SLAs

Control costs with our pay-as-you-use pricing model, with less need for up-front capital investments.

Public, private, hybrid delivery models

Mix and match any cloud delivery model that is right for your business lines and overall goals.

Nonstop monitoring and predictive analytics

Using clear dashboards and visual reporting tools, executives can monitor your resiliency program effectively. The dashboard alerts users to events requiring attention and currently active recovery workflows. RPOs and a data lag meter offer instant, visual summations of your entire backup operations.

Accomplish scalability to meet changing business demands

Unbox Backup as a Service can be a standard to customized solution based on client needs and can meet industry required security and compliance standards. The service provides provision for capacity planning and the scalability you need for future growth with the latest technologies.

Trust Unbox Data Centers expertise

With over a decade in the cloud backup services businesses, Unbox Data Centers, has served clients across all industries in complex and legacy environments.

365X24/7 Support

Unbox Data Centers has an expertise team of engineers who are permanently equipped to solve your queries and concern and attendant you, round the clock for any support that one requires.

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