Unbox Hosting Services

Unbox Hosting Services

Superior Competence

Enable the internal IT team to focus on strategic business goals and move the business needle forward rather than staffing, managing, and monitoring IT infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery

Proven data protection and disaster recovery solutions to curtail catastrophic events while slashing down complexity and cost.

Compute Resources

Leverage the incredible efficiency and reliability supplied by our lightning-fast servers that are configured with cutting-edge processors and memory.

Storage Solutions

An array of resilient storage solutions to store, manage, protect, and recover data in a hassle-free and economical manner.

Greater Security Measures

Secure and compliant data centers supported by redundant HVAC, diverse fiber entrance, dual power backups, emergency generators to provide robust security.

Auto Scaling

A rapid and easy to configure auto-scaling is available for servers. So, servers can up and down according to the distinct requirements

Network Solutions

Multiple telecommunication networks, including TATA, AIRTEl, BSNL, and VODA, which means seamless availability, faster responsiveness, and lower latency.


Get your branded Email Address TODAY!!

If you prefer to have an affordable email hosting services with superior quality then you can easily get it at Unbox Data Centers in the best possible manner. We offer packages for email hosting services which consist of IMAP, SMTP, POP3, and webmail access. All the packages are affordable and posse’s high quality of email hosting services.

Unlimited Webmail/POP3/IMAP/SMTP access
Virus & Spam Protection
Mobile Access
Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Mail compatible
Advanced Virus and Spam Protection
Free Migration
Unlimited Email Forwards and Aliases
Mailing Lists
Vacation Auto-Responders
  • Easy to use Control Panel
  • No setup Costs
  • 365X24/7 Local support (Phone, Chat, Email & Web)
Highlights of Unbox Web Hosting Services

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