Fast, safe and synchronized Data Recovery!!

Unbox’s DR as a Service, is a comprehensive service that provides protection and restoration of data, servers and full data centers. Our model is an adjustable, pay-as-you-go service that migrates, protects and recovers data in physical, virtual and cloud environments. Our goal to provide this service, is to simplify and reduce the costs of protecting your data.

With a fast changing business surroundings and superior IT complexity, keeping your DR structure in finest shape has become an expertise exercise for us. Recovery Time and Recovery Point Objectives (RTOs and RPOs) are monitored continuously, and not just on a weekly or monthly basis.

Unbox’s DR as a Service, have a proactive Disaster Recovery (DR) Management system that enables workflow automation and simplifies recovery in case of a disaster.

We provide a complete DR Management platform with a SaaS (pay-per-use) model that helps you address your DR Management needs effortlessly, through scalable, secure and automated DR services.

With massively scalable infrastructure and comprehensive coverage of the DR life cycle, Unbox’s DR as a Service helps you accelerate hybrid DR deployments, adapt to changing DR needs and get end-to-end control of your DR practices.

Why Unbox Data Center's DRaaS?
Wide-ranging DR
  • Complete exposure of the DR life cycle, casing duplication, monitoring, workflow mechanization, testing and reporting
  • Reinforced on public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructure
  • Pre-packaged best-practice workflows and automated DR practices
  • End-to-end discernibility of IT infrastructure from a DR perception
  • Monitoring of DR metrics such as RPO and RTO
  • Real-time DR inclined validation
  • Round-the-clock monitoring and technical backing
Extraordinary Performance
  • Dynamic DR services with stringent SLAs
  • Provisions multi-tenancy and prompt scalability
  • Built on industry principles
  • Harmonious with all major third-party technologies

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