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Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service that delivers IT systems availability – regardless of infrastructure complexity.

Truly Robust Recovery

We understand that your critical systems, applications and business files are some of your most important assets. Protect sensitive data and seamlessly bridge any interruption with our tailored Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS). So your business stays on, no matter what.

Our Route

At Unbox Data Center, our team of experts assists you all the way. From pinpointing your specific recovery needs to yield them in a reality.

Tailor Your Solution

We work together with your team to understand your needs and create a custom solution. So you can be confident that your systems will be available continuously.

Test and Secure

Our customized, rigorous tests have a 100% success rate. So that if a disaster were to happen, we are over-prepared— together.

Prepare for Change

Recovering to the cloud is a major shift. We allow incremental adjustments to environments as your needs change that way your business will always be on.

Manage Recovery

We know your reputation depends on ensuring data and operational uptime, which means we’re on call 24/7X365 days a year.

Unbox Data Center Virtual Replication enables cloud service providers to offer a robust, cost-effective system of DRaaS.

It is the first BC/DR platform built with the cloud in mind. With Unbox Data Center, effective DR is possible within the private cloud, to the public cloud and in the public cloud.

Unbox Data Center enables cloud service providers to unleash the DRaaS / RaaS opportunity. Enterprises are starting to see the value of the cloud, but are hesitant to trust an emerging technology with mission-critical data due to concerns about availability, performance and security. Providing Disaster Recovery as a Service, in which the enterprise replicates its production applications to the cloud, is a win-win situation. The enterprise has the opportunity to safely evaluate what the Cloud Service Provider has to offer, and become comfortable with the concept of a cloud.

It’s clear why enterprises want to move disaster recovery to the cloud. It is a huge cost and resource savings, in comparison to putting together a replication site and other necessary systems. In addition, it replaces upfront investments with ongoing monthly bills and ensures higher performance and reliability by the cloud provider.

For cloud providers, DR as a Service provides a critical first step to lead enterprises to the cloud. It empowers them to ‘test the water’ without giving up control over production applications in their data centers.

Disaster Recovery Solution from Unbox Data Center Unbox Data Center’s hypervisor-based replication technology is the first disaster recovery system that lets Cloud Service Providers offer cost-effective, automated, enterprise-class DR as a Service. With Unbox Data Center, cloud providers can deliver a solution that is:

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