Managed Firewall Service

Managed Firewall Service

Network perimeter security is the first line of defense in an effective information security program. Network firewalls, whether they be UTM based or next-generation devices form the foundation necessary to protect your organization’s data, network and critical assets from outside intruders and threats. Yet, many organizations continue to be challenged by managing these solutions in-house, due to the heavy technical burden of day-to-day management or lack of available, skilled security expertise. Unbox Data Centers service is designed to address all of the complexities associated with the deployment, management and ongoing threat monitoring of these enterprise firewalls, including in-depth support for Cisco, Fortinet and Palo Alto Networks and so on.

Business challenges

Firewalls play a vital role in avoiding damaging traffic from entering the trusted areas of your network. An in-depth information security strategy demands that you implement different types of firewalls in different segments of your network. However managing, monitoring and consistently applying best practices on such a large and diverse set of firewalls can be a tedious and resource intensive process. Therefore, many leading enterprises are increasingly outsourcing the monitoring and management of firewalls. It helps them reduce the burden on their in-house staff, to get best-in-class service from experts and reduce operating expenses over time.

Unbox Data Centers offering

Unbox Data Centers managed firewall service has been carefully designed to fit the diverse requirements of today's connected enterprises. From large scale global deployments to small and remote offices, Unbox Data Centers has a managed firewall service designed to align with each individual organization's security initiatives and budgetary requirements. Our service supports a wide range of firewall platforms – Cisco, Checkpoint, Juniper and Fortinet and so on.

Unbox Data Centers provides this service through our ISO 27001 certified ArcSight deployed Global Security Operations Centre (GSOC). This GSOC is staffed with certified and experienced security professionals, to monitor and manage your firewalls 24x7x365. They have technical certifications for leading firewall platforms such as Cisco, Checkpoint, Juniper, Fortinet etc, as well as professional services certifications like CEH, CISSP, CISA etc. GSOC is a global operations center and a single point of contact for all your support needs. Our tools deployed in GSOC identify real threats and eliminate false positives leveraging the advanced event correlation capabilities of ArcSight. Client-specific delivery models (in-premise, shared services and hybrid) and SLAs are executed.

How It Works

Managed enterprise firewalls are deployed at the network perimeter other sensitive locations or within the internal network for additional network segmentation as required by the customer. Service is delivered from a cloud based management system and supported by Unbox Data Center’s Global Threat Operations and Research teams which includes Cyber Threat Analysts, Incident Response Engineers, and Threat Intelligence Analysts. The key roles each of these members includes:

Threat Intelligence Analyst

Accountable for global threat monitoring and maintaining of Unbox Data Center’s specific threat feeds and Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) used for customer site monitoring as well as third party signature / threat updates as required by supported firewalls.

Cyber Threat Analyst

Responsible for customer specific threat monitoring and operation of the Managed Enterprise Firewall Service on the customer’s behalf, including threat validation, potential attack notifications, escalations and classification of events which include:

Incident Response Engineer or Threat Hunters

These are optional, additional cost services that a customer may choose to leverage from Unbox Data Center to assist them with containment, remediation or other incident response operations should they become necessary.

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