Network Operations Center

Network Operations Center

Unbox Data Center is there for you 24 X 7 X 365!!

The possibilities of our IT services are very diverse and highly individual. Our strengths lie in the area of quick, demand-oriented and uncomplicated responsiveness. Whether it is about expansions, malfunctions or modifications: thanks to the permanent 24/7 manning of our datacenter by trained and skilled server technicians, we are able to act at any time.

Our processes are streamlined and efficient, which contributes to our attractive pricing; often we are substantially cheaper than our competitors. Whether you prefer colocation in the form of one or more server racks to outsource your systems, or rather opt for renting a dedicated server to host your applications, our datacenter and IP portfolio can certainly meet your needs. Even in the area of managed services and services we can find the right solution for your company - whether you want to operate a small webserver, a secure backup solution for live data from your business or a highly available cluster with the highest demands on scalability, performance and professional help.

Our server systems are elaborately planned, reviewed and tested. We have a vast permanent stock of replacement components and are able to guarantee fixing malfunctioning servers within 30 minutes.

All of our technicians are trained to replace hardware components and to maintain common server operating systems. You will receive capable and professional help even at four a.m. on a Saturday morning.

Unbox Data Center has developed a full scoped solution for the delivery of Network Operational Services.

Vision of service delivery is to ensure end customers are provided with value for money and they are able to access and use communication services provided by Operators.

Our model utilizes a network operating center, field services, tooling and a strong performance monitoring framework.

Unbox Data Center has developed Network operations delivery model based on industry standard process models and its own process practice framework.

The Scope of Managed Services is delivered through the following functional areas:

  • 24×7 network monitoring by live engineers
  • Manage multiple devices
  • Establish runbooks for mutually agreed process
  • Receive and review alerts
  • Restart applications and services
  • Open carrier/vendor tickets for follow up
  • Remotely reboot resources
  • Escalation to internal IT department
  • Around the clock eyes on your critical systems
  • Cost effective protection for your IT
  • 100% ITIL certified NOC staff
  • Server and application management
  • Workflow management
  • Flexible service options
  • Network upgrades

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