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Unbox Data Centers Our Philosophy


Innocuous, proficient and business-oriented IT-solutions for every question. Unbox Data Centers facilitates a SOC2 certified ICT foundation that meets the highest availability standards. We offer finest managed cloud, managed security, DR & backup, cloud storage, colocation, connectivity and virtualization services, adjusted to the individual needs of every end user. Our modern datacenter with its own fiber ring and connectivity platform is completely redundant. Our services are offered on both locations (onsite/offsite). Availability, continuity and safety are guaranteed by meeting the latest industry standards. Personal approach and purposefulness are central to our actions.


Unbox Data Centers presents itself as a regional leader, focused on reliable, continuous and safe solutions. The demand for cloud services increases because of the exponential growth of data communication. Unbox Data Centers wants to serve his clients optimally by offering managed cloud, colocation, managed storage, DR & backup and virtualization services in the future. Clients will have the possibility to conglomerate different forms of services in a market where continuous change is the only constant factor.


This is the driving force of our company. We aim to always remain one step ahead by developing products and solutions that fit our customers’ demands. Internally, we actively encourage our employees to present new ideas and develop them into innovative products.


We treat customers and fellow employees with the respect they deserve and we invest in and nurture these important relationships. We also respect the environment and strive to reduce our impact on the environment through a mix of individual and company-wide initiatives.


We strive to operate and communicate with integrity at all times, offering customers a level of support and care that we are proud of.


We value the commitment of employees to their work and the delivery of the best service possible to our valued customers.

Our Values

We understand the importance of a strong company culture, aligned to a set of common values. Our strategic and operational plans are developed to support the following shared core values:


Openness begins with active communication, ensuring that both our employees and customers are informed of new developments as quickly and clearly as possible.

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