Security Audits & Testing

Security Audits & Testing

Devouring a website security check is vital since websites now play a huge role in attracting clients to your business and potential customers want to feel safe while browsing or buying online. This service stamps your website with a ‘website security tested’ badge, that allows clients to feel secure and at the same time helps boost sales online.

Unbox Data Center’s Web Application Security Testing service is an Internet security audit, performed by experienced security professionals. The service is designed to rigorously push the defenses of Internet networks and applications. It is suitable for commissioning, third party assurance, post-attack analysis, audit and regulatory purposes where independence and quality of service are important requirements.

This service provides a full website security audit that will test the entire website using a variety of attack method, ranging from MySQL attacks to DNS poisoning attacks. The application security audit is a simulated, realistic hacker attack on an application and its associated front- and back-end systems. During the available testing time all security vulnerabilities are systematically searched for. Much of the work is done manually and the testers put themselves in the role of a hacker. Our security consultants employ the latest methods and tricks that are also utilized by «real» hackers and crackers.

Technology Audit (TA) enables organization leaders understand the present IT utilization levels. The Audit process typically begins by understanding the vision, mission and the business goals of the customer. A high level mapping of the current IT deployment in relation to the business objectives is carried out, and possible gaps between the business objectives and IT deployment is observed and noted.

The deep dive audit involves detailed study of the IT infrastructure deployed - hardware, software, connectivity, power, security, MIS, and usability by end users. Other areas of study include identifying process coverage, data integrity, productivity improvements, reporting frequency and adequacy, training adequacy, and system availability.

The Audits can also be sub-divided as:

The focal points of the IT audit are:

Business functionality
Ease of Use

The capstone of Technology Audit is the Audit Findings Report which includes gap analysis, recommendations pertaining to technology upgrade / downgrade, training requirements and plan of action. Technology Audit recommendation sets the direction for organizations to optimize Return of Investment on IT.

Unbox Data Center’s Offerings:

Unbox Data Center’s Enterprise Security services protect an enterprise's information assets through comprehensive management of security components and mitigate adverse impact on confidentiality and availability.

Our comprehensive Managed Security Services include –
  • Security Management Strategy Definition
  • Implementation and Migration
  • Monitoring and Management
  • Security Device Management encompassing day-to-day operations, administration, maintenance, signature updates, change management, incident monitoring and alerts
  • Security Device Monitoring focusing availability and performance of security devices, violation of threshold values, policy changes, etc.
  • Security Advisory entailing survey of customer infrastructure, asset based work-arounds, and collection of vulnerability and virus alerts from varied sources

For enabling enterprises to respond promptly to security incidents and reduce risk of exposure, we offer Security Event and Incident Monitoring (SEIM) solution. SIEM is based on Log Monitoring and correlation for detection, and management of security events in near real time.

  • Vulnerability Assessment and Analysis - determines the compliance level of assets and configurations with security policy and guidelines, and vulnerabilities evident to both external and internal attacks
  • Security Component/Application Management
  • Security Information Management
  • Content Protection Services like management of gateway, antivirus/anti-spam solutions, content filters, etc.
  • Compliance Management/monitoring, Enterprise Security Risk Management, threat alerts/advisory and gateway/mobile security
Our comprehensive service encompasses all aspects of security. With our varied offerings, clients can:

Our offerings align with the industry standards like ISO 17799, BS7799, NIST and CERT. With our custom service delivery methodology, smooth transitioning and post implementation management services, we cater to various enterprises.

People, process, and technology are the foundational building blocks to any information security program. Penetration Testing evaluates the effectiveness of the information security program and identify weaknesses. Penetration testing is a sanctioned service where Panacea InfoSec simulates an attacker attempting to circumvent security controls and gain unauthorized access to systems. Panacea InfoSec will penetrate an organization and attempt to identify weaknesses and attempt to gain access to sensitive systems, intellectual property, and/or key business systems. Penetration testing is designed to impact the organization in a way to identify systemic weaknesses within the overall information security program.

A penetration tests main purpose is to simulate an attacker and the ability to impact the businesses ability to generate revenue. Penetration tests are great leverage points for the security group to get management exposure and emphasizes the importance towards critical security programs. Penetration testing also identifies areas in how attackers can systematically impact an organization and how they do business. Panacea InfoSec offers a number of Penetration Tests including:

In addition to the business aspects, penetration testing is a key indicator on how individual programs may be working within information security. A penetration test can identify issues with patch management, incident response, monitoring and detection, application security, system hardening, data loss prevention, and much more.

The Benefits to you:

  • Significantly cheaper to discover security issues before development, and not after
  • Requires half the time of penetration testing while delivering far superior results.
  • Find weaknesses that can be missed when systems are analyzed by experts in only one discipline.
  • Identify critical security problems in only a few weeks, compared to finding a handful of vulnerabilities over a few months with pen testing.
You will receive a comprehensive set of reports that include:
  • Detailed attack trees.
  • Recommended mitigations and security requirements for each attack vector.
  • Security Risk Profile: Multidimensional ratings for financial, operational, privacy and safety risks.
  • Complete attack vector assessments outlining severity, probability, controllability, etc.
Moreover the usual techniques, the following types of tests are used in an application security audit, if required:
Why do you need it?

Our clients get better protection of their finances, security for their personal or business sensitive data and a protected reputation thanks to our services. After our risk analysis, it is possible to calculate the value of assets potentially at risk due to a breach of the client’s ICT security. The true status of their information security can be tested by a simulation of a real attack from a real attacker.

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